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    "Xin-Mo" is our company's name. The full name is "Guangzhou Xin-Mo Technology Co., Ltd". From January 1, 2018, we launched a new trademark "Xinmotek" to against the problem of growing fake products. According to the users feedback e-mail we have received, the fake appearance and the string are both consistent with ours, but the compatibility is terrible, can not support Raspberry Pi normally. Please purchase from our authorized sales or order directly from us. We support PayPal payment. From July 2016, we voluntarily terminated our cooperation with a Chinese company named time harvest. The products they sell have nothing to do with us.

     I recommend using the XM-07, a HID controller & encoder device. It can run on almost operating systems and  games. XM-07 include single player with LED, dual players, digital inputs or analog inputs even keyboard and trackball functions. You just need only one. XM-07 can replace mostly dual players controllers and single player controllers. Most importantly, it currently has no fakes and the price is almost the same as XM-02.

    All of our products have been tested by CE. This is CE certificated document.

    All of our products are compatible but not limited to  Win8/Win 7/ Vista/XP/2000/98 & Linux & Android & MAC OS & Raspberry Pi.

    About the wiring, all types of our products are the same. Every push button has two pins, one is must be wired to the GND(Ground), the other one is wired to the signal pin of the controller.